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India's leading software for Pharmacy management 

A cloud based solution offers top-notch pharmacy management services 

We Provide The Best Services

Single Click   

convert to INVOICE 

convert PO to Purchase Invoice

Single Click   

stock adjustment 

Role Based

not allowed for Billing

Expired Drugs


The legacy of pharmacy management is now digitise

We offer the latest technology that not only saves time but helps pharmacy owners to increase productivity. With our advanced pharmacy dashboards, users can keep track of expired drugs, low stock, zero stock, and a lot more useful information in real-time.



Get alerts and instant notifications about stock items


PO Generation

Instantly create purchase order & notify vendors via SMS/Email/Whatsapp

My pharmacy software

PI Generation

Instantly create pi from po & notify vendor via sms/email


Expired drugs

Expired drugs not available for invoice.

Foolproof Pharmacy Management

At My Pharmacy  Software, we thrive to provide the best management experiences to pharmacies. 
Here, efficiency meets excellence in every aspect of care and management.


No Installation No Setup


Single subscription for all modules


Low stock alerts


Speed & Security


Interior of Pharmacy


Statistics  &

Automatic payout 


No Extra Cost for Multiuser





Comprehensive Customer Support

What We Offer


Transforming healthcare with seamless software for a smarter, efficient and patient-centric experience. 


Inter Branch
Stock Transfer

Male Pharmacist

Multi Chain Pharmacy Management

Interior of Pharmacy

Fool Proof & Controlled Stock Management

Video Consultation

Role Based Access To Stock Reconciliation

Get Access To All Modules & Multiple Branches In Single Subscription


Add 'n' number of users without paying extra


Stock & Vendor Payout Made Easy


PI invoice automatically converted into Stock and added in Vendor Payout. There is no need to   ADD stock separately or maintain separate accounts.


Send SMS WA/Email to vendors upon receipt of Purchase invoice



live stock

anytime, anywhere on any device

(mobile, tab, desktop, laptop)

My pharmacy software

Immediate notifications once stocks updated


Vendor online login to view purchase invoices


Vendor payout & revenue cycle management

Interior of Pharmacy

Stocks Created From Purchase Invoices Only

Manual Entry not allowed

We provide self-learning video tutorials for all doctors and staff. They can revisit the videos anytime to clarify doubts.

My pharmacy software


My pharmacy software


My pharmacy software


My pharmacy software


Video Tutorial

  • Is my data safe ?
    Yes Absolutely! We are certified by Indian Govt security agencies and your data can not be hacked or used by other third parties. Our cloud servers are completely secure and your information passed through multiple safety checks and measures.
  • Is Installation & Set Up needed for the Software?
    No Installation or Setup needed. Its complete cloud platform. As how we use, the same way, you can start using on any browser on your desktop/laptop/mobile. Once your purchase is completed, with in hours you will get login details.
  • Why I should buy your software?
    We are the only cloud software in the market which provides end to end hospital management system without user restriction. You can make all reports 100% digital. Even In Patient records can be digital. We dont charge extra for integrated SMS/Whatsapp. Patient can get discharge within minutes as we have single click Discharge Summary Creation and Bulk Billing for Inpatients. Patients, Doctors and Pharmacy Vendors can login and download their records online. QR based patient registration. And much more....!!!
  • I can give only one user ID for all staff, why should I even require multiple users?
    Just because, the other software companies are charging user based, many hospitals and clinics purchase one or two users and have this habit of sharing to all the staff. Having each login ID for each staff is more hastle free and convinient to track error records. For example all staff are using single user ID, then if some bills were entered wrongly or some patient data like BP or Vitals entered wrongly, then its difficult to track where it went wrong. With multiple users, you can easily track which staff has entered it and avoid future mistakes.
  • I am already using other software and what about that patient data?
    We have bulk upload option through excel sheet. We currently support to import patient demographics, pharmacy live stock and doctors list.
  • What if suddenly WIFI does not work?
    You can use mobile data or use mobile browser to access information. Like how Whatsapp runs on minimal data, the same way our software require basic internet connection.
  • I have multiple staff. Do I need to purchase multiple IDs ?
    No, you no need to pay any extra for your staff user ID. Once you subscribe for a pharmacy, you can yourself add multiple users (Eg: front desk, nurse, doctors) at no extra cost.
  • I never heard about MPS or your software, how can I trust you?
    Excellent question! We are verified by D-U-N-S and Bradstreet like world class business verifier company. Many companies like Meta & Google trust DUNS data for background verifications. And, we are listed as Amazon certified seller and even Indian Govt E Marketplace. Moreover our founders as practicing doctors and using the same software for their NABH accredited hospitals since years.
  • How many systems it will work?
    As its a cloud software, it can work on any browser in your desktop, a or even phone.
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